Data Centers, check online latency to forex broker trade server

Data Centers -

All servers of VPS hosting service located in the reliable data centers in Germany (EU), Netherlands (Amsterdam,EU), U.S. (NYC,NY), Russia (Moscow), United Kingdom (London)

DC have generators and UPS systems to maintain the performance of your VPS during power cuts. Air conditioning is one of the most important things in the data center so the DC maintained the maximum allowable temperature is 21 ° C. DC also have fiber optic network to connect to multiple trunks, that is, DC has a complete network fault tolerance to provide you with trouble-free operation on the Internet.

Data Centers have best location for fast connect to European and USA servers brokers and low latency allow execute your orders is very fast it's important for scalping and high sensitives strategies.

Important latency ? Please choose data center and check it!

Germany, EuropeNetherlands, EuropeUSA, New York CityRussia, Moscow (M9)UK, London