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About Us - Myfxvps.pro

In the project of Myfxvps.pro employs highly skilled IT professionals behind which a large experience in the implementation of the "cloud" solutions (virtualization). Our project uses a good showing virtualization business class, built on a powerful, highly reliable servers based on the top multi-core Intel processors. Used solutions allow you to provide high quality VPS services, and most importantly, safe and secure. One important advantage our technology over other technologies is guaranteed allocation of resources to each virtual private server (VPS) and thus completely eliminate oversell. Moreover, our VPS hosting services are provided only for Forex, ie nothing but trade on Forex and CFD. Location of our European and U.S. data centers provides a fast connection with any popular Forex brokers and Dealing Centers.

We hope that all these features will make your choice for us, and for our part we will do everything to make your Forex trading a convenient, comfortable and profitable.

Dan Sardar

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