New user questions

This FAQ for new users

What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) - check info on wiki

Can I connect to Forex VPS from Linux, Android, Mac OS etc?
I want use your VPS for hosting site or game server, is it possible?

No, our policy is NOT allow use our VPS for hosting sites, game server, vpn and other. We allow hosted only Forex and CFD platform like MT4, MT5, Ninja Trader, Quick, Jforex. 

What is mean "CPU Shared" and " CPU Dedicated" ?

CPU Dedicated - its mean that cores of CPU is allocated to only for one client

CPU Shared - its mean that all resources of CPU (all cores) is allocated beetween all clients.

How many terminals MT4/MT5 I can use on VPS?

You can use as many terminals how can allow RAM of your VPS.

Where is located your VPS?

Now we have 3 locations: Germany (Eu, all tariff plans), USA (NY, all tarifs plan), Netherlands (EU, only SSD)